Occurrence Design & Research

is a Hong Kong-based architecture and design collective with spatial realisations and research projects standing side by side.    

The collective's inspiration stems from the genuine aspects of everyday nature and culture, and are materialised in close connection with people. Living in one of world’s densest cities, odr. is aspired to instill a more humane dimension and presence of nature to their chaotic, yet profoundly intriguing urban environment. This juxtaposition has always been a trigger point for the collective’s design and research projects.

Occurrence Design & Research是一所建築及設計工作室,透過實踐與研究項目同時去探索空間的可能性。
odr. 的設計理念和靈感來自日常自然和文化的原點,並專注與人的緊密聯繫而得以實現。生活於世界上最密集的城市之一,我們致力於攝人的都市空間中注入人性化和自然的獨特性。這種並置一直是我們設計和探索的觸發點。


Unit 1021, 41 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Awards & Exhibitions:

2020 - Honorable Mention, Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition
2018 - Exhibitor for More Than High-rise Exhibition, Hong Kong Week ,Tokyo, Japan
2018 - Shortlisted Work, QianHai Design Competition, Shenzhen, China
2018 - Boxed in Substandard Housing <室宿一覺> Exhibition, Subdivided Flat Platform, Hong Kong
2016 - Honorable Mention, Innovative Youth Housing Design Competition, HKIA
2013 - 3rd Prize, 120 HOURS Architecture Competition, Norway
2013 - Build a Bench International Design Competition (First Prize in Professional Category)
2012 - Statbygg Prize for Excellence in Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design Award
2010 - Exhibitor for Oslo Architecture Triennale: ManMade

We are looking for full time interior designer and full / part-time internship of architecture/ spatial design students to join our team. Please send your CV, portfolio (max 15 MB) and expected salary to office@occurrence.co.