resembles the traditional oriental roof silhouette, the city’s  shimmering waterscape, and prospecting towards the future of advanced technology.

Honorable Mention, Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition

As one of the ancient cities in China, Jiaxing has long been a city of refined integrity which has produced numerous scholars, inventions with breathtaking landscape. In the 21st century, Jiaxing shall not only embrace these in-depth traditions, but also invite new forms of knowledge from around China and the world. As a subtle tribute to the notion, AFLOAT encompasses the traditional significance and fosters the novelty of the future smart city.

Sitting in a calm area of Jiaxing, the new bus stations at the cross road of Wenxian Road and Shangwu Boulevard provide a subtle and meditative protection to its users. The thin layer of undulating roof lightly sits on top of reflective columns creating a sensation of calmness. During night hours, the columns illuminate and dissolve itself into the night scene, while the underside of the floating roof reflects the light source and glow in the dark. Such condition provides both a sensation of security to the street users, and also an easily recognized icon for the road users and bus drivers.

While the shelter is composed by a system of light-weight steel structure, the ancillary functions including an integrated LED display, top-up machine, CCTV, logo/identity mounting area emerge from the ground, as a number of anchors of the project. All elements are proposed to be rammed concrete, which will provide a visual effect of Chinese ink-painting. The composition of all elements delicately stands on the calm zone of Jiaxing to provide a subtle and atmospheric shelter to all citizens for daily use.