More than Highrise Exhibition, Tokyo

Walking through the narrow space before getting home is an everyday experience of thr majority of Hong Kong residents. The in-between space of the mega-structure is where we meet the neighbour and say goodbye to our lover, yet we seldom focus and appreciate in detail its beauty and history alongside the rapidly-evolving housing typology.

Characters of openness and porosity were dorminant in the early-age corridors when the settlement housings were established. Numerous activities and subconscious events have taken part in the space. Keeping up with the growth of our society, efficiency of the high-rise construction has earned its priority along with the hygienic standard and construction quality among the social factors. Corridors have slowly faded out from the core media of everyday social activities, and transformed itself into a safe and quiet buffer zone between the earth and apartments.

The Corridor brings us a three-dimensional timeline and transforming gallery, unfolding the simple places of informality where has once induced and will continuously initiate infinite social interactions.